Old Smokey Electric Smoker Full Review


The Old Smokey Electric Smoker is essentially a vertical metal barrel with a heating element, drip tray, and multiple food racks stacked one above the other inside the body. The simplicity of its design is what makes this smoker great and it’s not hard to use even for inexperienced people. The smoke generated starts at the bottom and drifts up through the top cooking the meat along the way.

The heating element at the bottom of this device can generate enough heat to roast at higher temperatures but is really designed to smoke low and slow. Even better, the flat top lid creates a completely sealed system (unlike other models that have top adjustable vents) that in my experience contains internal moisture- resulting in super juicy meat that won’t dry out. If you want a budget option or are simply wanting to test the waters when it comes to electric smokers, Old Smokey is a great way to start without having to invest a lot of dinero upfront.

Effective Heating Mechanism

The best thing about the design of this electric smoker is that it is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum-coated steel with a heating element of 1250W/120V. The product dimensions are 15.5 inches wide and about 29 inches deep. It can reach up to a max of 300° but I would recommend smoking your meat at around 225-250 (and this goes for any electric smoker).

Unlike other some other more high-end electric smokers, there’s no digital readout, but you can adjust your heat between Off to High and all other points between using the thermostat control- helping you to ensure the right temperature for the meat you cook. To create smoke, simply place the wood chips into the interior box, turn the dial to start cooking, and put meats/veggies on the shelves while the fat drips into the drip tray.

Temperature Control

The electric heater is pretty good. Unfortunately, since there is no built-in thermometer, it may be worth your while to insert your own into the meat. You do not have to worry about manually holding or adjusting the temperature. Simply add your chips and meat, turn the knob to desired heat and you’re done. Since it’s electric and there are no ashes produced, the risk of accidental fire is minimal. The wood chips will last a surprisingly long time as well. So even though there is no exterior chip loader if you want to add more, you should be able to run this model for 5-6 effective hours on low temps without having to replace your smoke-generating chips.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Because they do not use coal or propane gas, electric smokers do not need cleaning or regular maintenance All you have to do to clean this grill is a garden hose with good pressure on it. Alternatively, pour some water into the drip tray mixed with some lemon or vinegar and start the smoker. When the condensation is sufficiently built up, turn off the smoker. Then use a pair of gloves and use a wire brush to clean it.


Old Smokey Electric Smoker provides a 1-year limited warranty. The guarantee is limited to all and any defects associated with the manufacture and the materials, which is why it’s important to check regularly for damage or defects. This warranty covers only replacement or repair of defective parts and while although I’ve never had anything break, others I know who had to contact the manufacturer for replacement parts found them to be friendly and efficient.

Who Is It Best For?

Old Smokey Electric Smoker is a quality choice for beginners in smoking meat, or even for those who have been working for years. Anyone interested in making delicious meals with smokers should make this unit a great addition to to their backyard. The simplicity of this devices means that most anyone should be able to successfully compile and use it. Its one of the top rated small electric smokers on Amazon for a reason.


  • Simple Design.
  • Great budget and/or beginner option.
  • Small and doesn’t take up much room.
  • Little monitoring is needed.
  • Lightweight, easy, and portable to carry around.
  • The flat-top design allows for even heat distribution and is sealed in condensation.


  • Load design can be a bit difficult when compared to front-loaded models. The meat on top has to be
    removed before you can replenish the chips or empty the drip tray.
  • Accurate temperature readings are difficult without a built-in thermometer.
  • It gets quite hot during use, so I wouldn’t leave small kids unattended around it. But then I think that’s just common sense around any BBQ (charcoal, propane, electric, whatever…)
  • More racks would be nice, but it is a smaller-sized smoker.


The Old Smokey Electric Smoker is a durable and lo-tech device that has given me plenty of good times. You do not need any special training or instructions to get this thing. You’ll become a pro after two or three times with this smoker. Because there is no constant monitoring, you can also do other things (preparing coleslaw, drinking beer, etc) while cooking your meat. Don’t expect top-of-the-line for the price you’re paying, but if you’re new to the world of electric smokers, this may just be your golden ticket.

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