Bradley Digital 6-Rack Smoker Full Review


Alright folks, since you’re already here on this site, I might as well introduce what could be considered the “Cadillac” of electric smokers: The Bradley 6-Rack Digital Smoker. It ain’t cheap, but if you’re the kind of person who is willing to throw down the money to treat yourself to the best, then this is the model for you. It’s true for people who like slowly smoked meats, but do not want to spend hours feeding and attending to them. All you have to do is press a few buttons and forget about it. Equipped with a feeder column that automatically introduces Bradley’s signature “briquettes” into the internal oven- so you do not have to work any harder than simply waiting for your delicious food to be done.

Capacity and Power

Foods such as ribs, pork, and chicken are smoked in a full 780 square inches of cooking surface, which is divided into 6 shelves. These racks are removable so you can easily fit a big turkey in here for Thanksgiving. In terms of smoking power, the Bradley has a 500W element, which is a good power range for low-temperature smokers, as it does not consume too much energy while producing very hot temperatures.

Temperature Control

With the digital readout control panel included in the Bradley, you can easily select a particular oven temperature, how long you want it to smoke, and how much smoke you want to cook your food. The unit can produce hot smoke at a temperature of 280 degrees Fahrenheit, while the minimum temperature can get as low as around 150. This is definitely a wider range compared to other similar smokers on the market.


This is a very durable unit with an epoxy steel body, while the interior is made of stainless steel. These electric smokers are designed to last a good deal of wear and tear and include a 1-year warranty. Bradley Smokers are assembled with care and attention at the facility in Canada. If you live in damp environments, like the Deep South, you should need to worry about rust accumulating around the edges.

Automatic Feeder

The best thing about the Bradley is the smoke generator. After setting the oven temperature, timer, and smoke timer, the feeder column will automatically direct the bisquettes into the burner every twenty minutes, so you don’t even have to monitor anything all. Once the biscotti burns out, the feeder pushes it into the adjacent water bowl, and a new one enters the oven area. You can load the smoker with up to eight hours of bisquettes, so you shouldn’t need for you to worry about running out of briquettes as the food is smoked (unless you’re doing something like a 12 hours brisket). The biscuits are specially made by Bradley and come in 9 different flavors: Alder, Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Mesquite, Oak, Pecan and “Special Blend”. I’ve always been a fan of Hickory myself.

Weight and Transport:

Although the weight of this unit is 57 pounds, I would say that it is still not too difficult to move around. Since the Bradley can be easily separated into two parts (the oven and feeder column), it certainly makes it simpler to move your smoker unit from one place to another. Since it has 6 racks, it’s obviously one of the larger electric smokers that you can buy.


  • Temperature, time and smoke are completely controlled via the digital interface.
  • Fully insulated so you can smoke on hot or cold days and maintain the desired cooking temperature.
  • The 500 W cooking element allows an oven temperature of 280°F
  • Full stainless-steel interior for easy cleaning and better heat retention.
  • The automated feeder column does the work for you as your meat smokes.
  • It can perform well for eight hours without refilling.
  • This smoking model comes with a one-year limited warranty.


  • The smoking wood briquettes are not very cheap, and can only be bought from Bradley. Stock Up!
  • On the Expensive end of the market.
  • The 6 Rack is one of the larger electric smokers out there, so make sure you have space on your deck.


The Bradley 6-Rack Digital Smoker is a great product and a good choice for those who want a stress-free preparation of any smoked food. I wholeheartedly recommend this model both for those who are new to electric smoking, as well as for seasoned pros who have a outdoor large gathering they want to impress. This really is an indulgent “deluxe” electric smoker that will please those who just don’t have the patience or know how to really get down and dirty with a traditional smoker, but still want the great taste of American BBQ.

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