About Me

Hi, I’m Mike. Probably much like yourself, I’m crazy about BBQ. In fact, I’ve been grilling, smoking and barbecuing all my life. I’ve always thought that deliciously smoked food is what bring friends, families and neighbors together.

I enjoy and own many different types of grills and smokers, and haul them out into the patio for all different types of weather and occasions.

But years in the restaurant industry (and my own personal use) have¬†gravitated me towards electric smokers as my go to option when doing a cookout. Their safety, health benefits, flavor profile and ease of cleanup have made me a huge fan. I’ve either used personally, worked with, or seen in action at friend’s places all the models that I review here.

I thought I’d share my experiences as cook and my opinions on what I use to make the most out of your BBQ’ing experience. I hope you find these reviews useful.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Happy Smoking!